Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Media Bias

The Independent: Leading article: Ignorance and denial still conspire to prevent action

You have to subscribe, or go out and buy a paper to read the whole article. Unfortunately the bits I quote are in the sections you can't read without subscribing.

A small example of the bias that slips into news reports. Men are almost always portrayed as the bad guys, and women as innocent victims.

"Hopes were raised this month that Pope Benedict XVI was poised to ease the Catholic church's opposition to condom use for married couples where one partner was HIV infected. This would offer crucial protection to women"

But not men? So women never have affairs? Never catch HIV?

Women are more susceptable to HIV infection than men, and at least as likely to commit adultery as men. Women are biologically programmed to be unfaithful. After they catch a 'good man' (sucker) to 'support them' (sponge off), the first thing they want to do is get pregnant by some bad boy. This is scientific fact - I don't make this stuff up (maybe I add just a little spin).

"the absence of female-controlled methods of protection is a key reason behind the growth of the epidemic."

Women can still insist on their partner(s) using a condom.

And besides that: Ever hear of the femidom ?

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