Sunday, June 04, 2006


I'm going to add as many links as I can to other men's rights/anti-feminist websites, but just because I have a link doesn't mean I agree with everything or even anything said on that site. I expect you to make up your own minds.

If you own one of the sites, and don't want a link send me a mail. I don't want to piss anyone off. Well, apart from feminists anyway.

I'm adding links because all the search engines order results based on the number of links made to a site, and in this small way I advertise men-rights and antifeminism. If you have a site, and link to mine, you'll be helping too. I will probably add some references to feminist sites, but they won't be active links - I'm not giving them a free ride.


Davout said...

Thanks for the link, phantom. I return the favor promptly. Your skills will be invaluable in systematically deconstructing feminist lies.

FredXblog said...

Hi there

I've only just stumbled upon your site and have added you as a link

Just a note- I'm from the UK too ; )


Amoranthus said...

I'm an American living in Australia.

Please add my blog, and any of the links you like from it, to your list.

You'll find your blog added in the next day or so.

Amoranthus said...

Well, I added your blog under my "Feminists" section, then realized I'd left a drive-by blogger message.

My blog is about the Mens and Family issues in Australia. I'd like to think it has become a resource, at least a place to begin, for those dealing with the prejudice that victim feminists have produced.

Please add me.

Rebel said...

Back-Door Man said...

check out
Dump Your Wife NOW! - Turning Doormats into Men
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