Monday, November 27, 2006

A Male Pill

Some good news

Sperm-blocking contraceptive hope

Another possibility for a male contraceptive pill. There are several in development at the moment. When they actually become available it will cause a shift in power between men and women. This would give men the right to choose whether they wish to become fathers, and when they want this to happen. Dishonest women will no longer be able to 'forget' to take the pill, and get pregnant without their partners consent.

I predict that when this new pill becomes available there will be a sudden drop in the number 'accidental' pregnancies. There will still be a few - genuine accidents and duped men foolish enough to trust their partner to take her pill. There will also be an increase in divorces as more men become aware of their wives infidelity.

Doubtless there will also be many women complaining that their partner will not stop taking the pill so she can get pregnant. This is not exactly a new idea. I am pretty sure Angry Harry wrote a piece about this. I am sure you can find it if you do a little searching.

The dangers of becoming a father are well known and well documented on other blogs and websites.

A male pill will allow men to avoid these dangers, and will give men a stronger negotiating position.

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Your friends here at are not only about liberating the unhappy male from a miserable marriage, but we are also about schooling those who have made the leap to single life (or were smart enough to never have married); about the tricks that some of these awful shallow Western women do to elevate themselves ahead.

And thank you for the link!