Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Feminism and Charities

For those of you who have already seen the light, and identified feminism for what it really is...

I was doing a little research on the Fawcett Society website and I found this page:

Two things jumped out at me. First the Fawcett Society gets funding from the government - paid for out of YOUR taxes. Second the Fawcett Society gets funding from Oxfam.

I had never thought of Oxfam as a feminist organisation until very recently. I thought Oxfam was all about ending poverty and making sure everyone had access to a basic standard of living (access to enough food, adequate shelter and clean water). That is what you would think from their adverts. Like the one I saw yesterday on the back of the New Scientist.

But that is not so. They have also been infected with feminism. Any money you give to them could be handed over to the Fawcett Society or some other feminist pressure group.

Be careful who you give your money too. If anyone of you is giving them any money I urge you to stop, and tell them why. That you stopped sending them donations because of their hidden feminist agenda.

If you want to give money to charity there are other man friendly ones you could donate too. Mankind would be a good choice, or the UK Men's Movement. There are others. Check out my links or do a little searching yourself.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you about oxfam. Look at their 'Gender Equality' literature on their website, and nearly all of it about 'female victimhood' and helping only or mostly women. Almost nothing about helping men. So much for 'equality'.

Anonymous said...

Having looked into this I have decided to withdraw my long standing support of Oxfam. Feminism is a hate group, no better than the BNP and I won't support a front for any such hate group.
My regular contributions will be switched to the UKMM. Thanks for the heads up.