Friday, January 19, 2007

Another source of 'accidental' pregnacies

I talked about 'accidental' pregnancies in two earlier posts Lying to get pregnant. and A Male Pill

The Eternal bachelor provides another example of where 'accidental' pregnancies come from:

I seduced my future husband to hide my love child. But I have no regrets.

"Despite learning the truth a few years ago, Amy, an 18-year-old college student, still calls another man Dad - my ex-husband Tom. We were married by the time she was born and he has no idea he's not her real father.

It's a deceit I - and now Amy - have carried out to protect the people we love, and although I'm not proud of having lied, I have no regrets about conceiving a child with the married man I had an affair with.

Of course that's not the only possible scenario. It could just as easily be a married woman having an affair after getting married, then not telling her husband that the baby is not (or might not be) his. We've all heard the jokes about the milkman.

Of course if there had been a male pill available, and Tom was using it he would not have been fooled by this woman's trickery and deceit. Even if he hadn't been taking the pill the knowledge of it's existence might have prevented the woman from trying to dupe him into 'fatherhood'.

Feminist's main objection to the male pill is that women might not trust their partners to remember to take it. A fairly pathetic argument given all the contraceptive methods already available to women. If a woman is really that worried about her partners memory, she has lots of other options she can choose unilaterally.

Could the feminist's real reason be more along the lines of protecting lying women like this one, so that they can extort money out of unsuspecting men?

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Anonymous said...

I'm a feminist and an honours student of Women studies at Guelph University. I think the male pill is a great idea, since it will prevent unwanted pregnancies and "accidental pregnancies". If one partner lies about being on the pill, at least the other will have a back up.
I can agree with some of the arguments that anti-feminists put out there, but I still prefer the overall movement of feminism.
Mostly, it's the "feminazis" or extremists that ruin feminism for everyone.